Additional services

We offer a range of laboratory analyses (below are listed only some of the entire selection). We also have years of experience in administering joint injections – we remove excess fluid, send it to the laboratory for diagnostics and, if necessary, inject reliving or treating medicine in the joint.

Over the years we have conducted hundreds of micro surgical procedures – we remove an uncomfortable skin lesion/mole and forward it to the laboratory for analysis. If necessary, we take a tissue sample (biopsy) beforehand to assess the characteristics of the changes in the skin and plan the next steps.

Final price of the procedures depends on several factors and will be calculated during the first appointment.

Service prices

Blood analyses, examinations, vaccinations, certificates, etc. from 10 EUR
Joint injections and/or removal of the fluid from 20 EUR
Removal of a lesion, mole using local anaesthesia from 110 EUR
Laboratory examination of the removed lesion (histology/cytology) from 30 EUR
Prescription renewal from 15 EUR