Children’s skin rashes and preventive measures

Children’s skin rashes, skin rashes, valvekliinik, skin

During the summer, as children enjoy outdoor play and happy summer moments, it is essential to be aware of potential skin issues that may occur more frequently during this period. Increased exposure to the outdoors, insects, and various allergens can lead to different rashes on children’s skin. While many of these rashes are generally harmless, […]

Lack of physical activity proves fatal for individuals

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Every year, approximately 59 million people die worldwide. Interestingly, 20 percent of these deaths are attributed to two unhealthy habits. While smoking receives ample attention, the importance of physical activity tends to be overlooked. Smoking claims about six million lives annually, with one in ten of those deaths occurring in individuals who have never smoked […]

When can emergency contraceptive pills be used and what consequences should be considered?

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You may be familiar with the term “emergency contraceptive pills,” commonly referred to as “morning-after pills.” But what precisely do they entail, and are pills the sole option accessible at pharmacies? Emergency contraception denotes a method employing medication or a device post-sexual intercourse to prevent pregnancy. When is it appropriate? It is recommended in scenarios […]

Antibiotics are not always necessary in treating pediatric respiratory infections

Pediatric Respiratory Infections, respiratory infections

Spanish researchers conducted a study aimed at understanding the effects of delaying prescription medication in children with respiratory infections. The study included 436 children aged 2-14 from 39 primary care centers, most of whom were 10 years old or younger, diagnosed with pharyngitis, rhinosinusitis, acute bronchitis, or acute otitis media. Children with pharyngitis who had […]