Concierge Doctor

Our Concierge Doctor’s service is built upon a private health management model, emphasizing effective communication with your healthcare provider. Your Personal Doctor is dedicated to primarily prevent health-related issues, but also to address your health inquiries, and providing guidance when health issues arise.


Health Management

Our commitment is to deliver top-quality, convenient, and personalized healthcare services. Tailored to individuals, families, or companies, our service plans are designed to meet diverse needs. Enjoy expedited appointment scheduling, comprehensive consultations, and a comprehensive range of services tailored to each patient’s unique requirements.

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Concierge Doctor

Why choose a Personal Doctor?

Opting for our Concierge Doctor’s service offers several advantages that significantly enhance your health management experience.

  1. Wide array of services: We meticulously plan any necessary tests, analyses, examinations, or specialist appointments, all ordered based on the doctor’s professional assessment of necessity. Additionally, we take the initiative to follow up with specialists ourselves, ensuring seamless coordination of further steps and future healthcare needs.
  2. Short wait times for appointmentsExperience the convenience of digital consultations with minimal wait times. If necessary, we can arrange on-site appointments or conduct home visits in settings such as your office, home, or hotel.
  3. Comfort and trust: Establishing a consistent relationship with the same doctor fosters trust and confidence in the continuity of your care. This familiarity allows for quicker and more effective solutions, as your doctor is well-acquainted with your medical history and needs.
  4. Thorough consultationsBenefit from comprehensive and personalized counseling tailored to address your individual health questions and concerns.

How to get started with our Concierge Doctor service?

During the initial consultation, we will discuss your health situation and jointly assess the necessity for possible analyses and procedures. Based on this, we can offer the most suitable package for you.

Schedule an appointment for the initial consultation.

Discuss your needs with the doctor.

Complete your contract.

How can we assist you?

Discover the benefits of our Concierge Doctor’s service and meet the dedicated team behind it.


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